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Server Rules!

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Impersonating a staff member or using a name that can be misleading is strictly prohibited.
Always treat the staff with respect.
The use of any 3rd party programs is prohibited. Usage may result in an immediate permanent ban. 
Any use of programs that directly or indirectly affects your Lineage II client is prohibited.
Usage of these programs may result in an immediate permanent ban. (You may not use Clickers either)
Modifying the client in such a way that it may grant you an advantage over others is not allowed. (files such as skill animations, systemgmsg, etc are allowed)
Real money trading is strictly forbidden.
Buying/ Selling gear or attempting to buy/sell gear for monetary currencies is not allowed. This is a banneable offense (This rule is enforced to protect our players from being victims of scamming)
Unapproved advertising is strongly prohibited and will result in being severely punished.
Respect every member of L2Casel and behave accordingly. Any racist, sexual or other type of insults will not be tolerated.
Any behaviour that disrupts events or other GM work may be punished.
3 boxes is allowed per player.
Clan halls and castle ownership
Manipulation of the bidding process so clan hall goes to a specific person/clan is prohibited.
Possession of a Clan hall or a Castle for an inactive or secondary clan is prohibited.
(The staff reserves itself the right to expropriate if deemed appropriate by the breaking of the above rules and will not give compensation for the loss)
Your account (forum and game) is your responsibility. Account safety and integrity is your responsibility. Administration will never ask you for password. Please try to keep your account details safe, secure and secret. In case of being scammed we will not accept scam reports due to the huge time sink analyzing logs causes.
Any illegal action taken by other person from your account will result in the account getting banned. Excuses, such as "it as my brother, not me" will not be acceptable as you voluntarily gave details of your account to a third-party.
(First time in Jail will have the chance to pay for unjail)

Finally, excuses such as "this was normal/tolerated on other servers" will be ignored.
Rules may be modified at any time without any further annoucement. Not being aware of the rules does not make you innocent.
Ignorantia juris non excusat

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