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    1. Info & News

      Important announcements from server administration.

    2. Community Polls

      Decisions regarding the game style are taken through public opinion.

    3. Events

      All about events

    1. Welcome Section

      Former players & newcomers introduce yourselves he

    2. General Discussion

      Feel free to talk about anything in this board.

    3. Clan & Alliance Discussions

      Advertise your clan, recruit members or search for a clan that suits you, make friends and talk about anything concerning L2Casel

    4. Bugs & Issues

      Report any kind of game bugs or instabilities you met in your adventure right here.

    5. Game Content Multimedia

      You can upload your screenshots or videos of your gameplay here

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    6. Suggestions

      Community suggestions for a better L2Casel

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    7. Marketplace

      Buy, sell or trade items & characters on L2Casel here.

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